flatcat ~ your next robot is a pet.

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Update: flatcat was successfully funded on Kickstarter in May 2021. You can still make a pre-order. Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates.

Our lovely flatcat is a robot for your soul. The fluffy little robot companion will do anything it wants to do. There is exactly zero user interface. The robot freely explores its environment and develops individual preferences depending on the specific home you’ve created for it. Each flatcat is deployed with a unique set of initial parameters and learns everything from scratch. So you can watch it developing unparalleled skills or funny quirks. But be aware that it might draw your attention and due to its curious mind explores even the dusty corners everyone of us has.

FAQ – Check out the flatcat FAQ

If you’re a developer or researcher looking for technical information on flatcat please see our flatcat development white paper.

Videos – check flatcat videos on Youtube

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