pet-like robots that respond to touch

jetpack cognition lab

we are shipping flatcat, see here

is a baby robotics company making robots for play, music, research. We are a full stack hardware / software company. Our robots are simple and fundamentally designed for self learning.

A full appreciation of comfort levels in human experience is at the core of our research fueled innovations. This allows new levels of adaptation and interaction flow.

We think of new markets for these machines and dream of an ecosystem of like-minded people, products and services. Deeply committed to open culture and our community we regularly share hardware modules, robot DIY kits, plus a software stack designed for embodied sensorimotor learning in the style of developmental robotics.

jetpack cognition lab wants to help curious minds to create tres-cool robots more quickly – We’re the craziest startup in #shermany – unrefuted since 2019. Read more about us, about our products, or dive into our blogging here or on social, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Come in for a snorkel round or deep dive – Be in touch we love to hear from you.

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jetpack cognition wear merchandise campaign is live on Indiegogo. See our blog post here.