pet-like robots that respond to touch

Your Next Robot is a Pet.

We create responsive and honest companion robots.

Embodied AI companions for you.

From our childhood, robots have captivated our imagination. Our mission is to extend this fascination to you, providing value through engaging with and observing the delightful behaviors exhibited by our robotic creations.

We design and manufacture our robots in Berlin. We produce in small quantities, high quality and with fair wages.

We take responsibility for our products and always repair them promptly and free of charge for our customers.

We really appreciate your feedback. Our awesome customers shape the way we design. We thank you for your valuable opinion.

We consult other professionals and artists on social, sensitive robotics and intrinsically motivated AI-robots.

Our technology is open-source, enabling sustainable operation, customization or maintenance even in the distant future.

We only use high-quality components and software standards to create safer and environmentally friendly robotic products.

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  • We’re a 100% founder-led company.
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