Bakiwi Kit

Explore the incredible variety of legged locomotion!

Invent your own robot being and discover the wonderful world of walking machines. Bakiwi Kit is minimalist, beginner-friendly, and affordable. You will learn how to solder and assemble the kit yourself.

Create unique creatures by choosing freely how they will look and behave. Your imagination will do somersaults because Bakiwis run with legs made from almost everything: wood, wire, or even your old LEGO bricks will walk.
Try it!

Intuitively shape the robot’s walking style with only four knobs on your Bakiwi’s back. For Bakiwi there is no programming required. Bakiwis sense their world with their antennas, being able to detect when you touch it.

Reduce screen time for you and your loved ones. No apps, no remotes! Bakiwis are only maneuvered by your very hands.

Making technology understandable for everyone, Bakiwi comes as a set of parts along with a detailed manual that guides you step-by-step through the assembly.

Almost convinced? Our fabulous DIY walking robot kit is available in our store right now! However, you might want to consider Bakiwis from the following perspective:

Spreading knowledge.

Bakiwi Kit is perfect for teaching robot rookies. In workshops, you can teach students about electronics and soldering, 3D-printing, and the basics of embodied robotics.

We did a lot of workshops with it and after a couple of hours, the people got their first robot in their hands and could watch it crawling and hopping. Depending on foreknowledge, building a Bakiwi takes approximately 2-3 hours, includes soldering and the use of general tools such as screwdrivers.

Bakiwi workshops encourage diversity. When people finished building the base body, they are free to create their robots’ legs and decorate it from a variety of materials and can compare their different solutions. Also upcycling is an option, we already saw Bakiwis walking with parts of broken toys, clothespins, and toothbrushes.

Resources and Links

Bakiwi Kit is open-source. You can find all resources, such as the assembly manual, on Due to its openness, Bakiwis can be adjusted by you in any imaginable way. Hack the code, change the hardware, repair it.

Stay tuned on current developments and follow the project on its hackaday-page.

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