Watching robots is fun. But it’s thrilling to create your own robots and let them learn and develop skills.

We invite you to join our community of creators of learning robots and contribute by populating our future society with a variety of honestly intelligent and lovely robots doing all kinds of useful things.

We all think differently, and so are the robots we envision to create. Regardless of your technical background, Jetpack will find a way to provide you with the right tools and knowledge that help you to create the robot you imagine.


Depending on the kind of robot you want to build, we have various do-it-yourself robot assembly kits in our products page.


Jetpack was founded by Oswald Berthold and Matthias Kubisch as a response to the world we find ourselves in. They combine in bringing exquisite culture, independent thinking, and academic qualification to real world playgrounds.

our principles

When designing robots, we ideally follow these maxims:

  • We create our robots with love, care, and open-mindedness. Our creations shall be used in a trustworthy, honest and peaceful kind.
  • The way robots are created and used should respect animal life and nature and have a positive impact on human society.
  • Robots should be learning and constantly adapting instead of being (remote) controlled by humans or being statically programmed. All robot competence from simple movement up to skillful locomotion ideally shall be the result of learning on the embodied robot. By today this is not yet always clear how to achieve, and most of the robotics is far away from this. But we are confident about our approach and we’re steadily working towards it.

When you create robots then we would be very happy if you also follow these guidelines.

If you like, you can continue to explore the detailed descriptions of our robots in the products section. If you like to have more information please don’t hesitate to contact us or alternatively, you can follow us on social media, we are @LabJetpack on twitter.

the jetpack team.