Jetpack Cognition Lab 2020 Report

In 2020 Jetpack Cognition Lab, Inc. checked off these

1/ Created the German branch and became a legal German employer (look mom, no GmbH)

2/ Created 4 FTE and 2 student employments

3/ Launched our first product, Bakiwi – the fabulous DIY walking robot kit.

4/ Bakiwi is a hardware product manufactured at our lab in Berlin

5/ Bakiwi is an open source business model which is an explicit commitment to repairability and an extended value chain over the lifetime of our product

6/ Generated 100 international customers. those 100 is you, of course. thanks again for your great support and the incredible feedback. this is what keeps us going, let’s take it further.

7/ Manufactured and shipped 100 Baks getting data about quality in the field.

8/ Did our first crowdfunding campaign on @kickstarter which was funded successfully at 4K EUR and accounted for half of those 100 above

9/ To bracket, we entered 2020 on a ballistic path and managed to reconfigure to gliding. Now for distance and some power up

To keep going on a unique mission we need your support now and everywhere