Our robots are multiple. Bakiwi has seen iterations, then there is Hannah, Monkeydrummer, and Flatcat. There is the Sensorimotor+Limbctrl control system. And some more.

For rookies or people making workshops for beginners, our Bakiwi Kit is perfect. During assembly, you can learn about electronics and soldering, 3D-printing and how to create simple legs and a robot trunk. And when finished, you’ve created a crawling, toddling or even walking robot yourself. Eventually, you can decorate it and change its behavior without programming.

For advanced robot creators, Bakiwi Learn introduces more complexity. With several sensors like laser range finding, touch, and motion-sensing this robot is able to perceive its environment, which is the prerequisite for learning. The robot can also emit sounds and comes with a basic software framework for simply accessing all sensors and motors. Because of its form, Bakiwi Learn is thus perfectly suited for testing learning algorithms on real hardware.

The four-legged robot DIY kit Hannah is made for higher education or application development. It is a full-sized, 12-jointed robot made from rapid prototyping materials such as 3D-printed or laser-cut parts. Despite its size, this robot is affordable and you can either choose to get the assembly kit or a pre-assembled robot. Furthermore, Hannah is based on our Sensorimotor hardware framework, which guarantees you full low-level access to all robot’s hardware features and allows you to write your own modern control loops.

For musicians that love robots, our Monkeydrummer is a Cajón-style drumming robot kit. Once assembled the robot can play numerous beats whose sounds are generated live and physically, no playback of recorded samples! This is a fully analog drum machine. But beyond it is far more than this: The Monkeydrummer starts playing when you start to play, it synchronizes to your speed, thus enables you to practice freely and not being tied to keep in sync of a stoic metronome.

Finally, our lovely Flatcat is a robot for your soul. The furry little robot companion is free to do anything it wants to do. There is exactly zero user interface. The robot freely explores its environment and develops individual preferences depending on the specific home you’ve created for it. Each Flatcat is deployed with a unique set of initial parameters and learns everything from scratch. So you can watch it developing unparalleled skills or funny quirks. But be aware that it might draw your attention and due to its curious mind explores even the dusty corners everyone of us has.

All our robots are made from accessible robot hardware components. If you plan to create your individual robot fully from scratch it may be helpful to choose at least some parts from off-the-shelf components. The modules we’ve created for our robots or kits are also available for your robot development. So don’t miss to learn more about them, too.