Pet robots comparison

While preparing flatcat for release and the time before we collected and researched our peers and competition. Below is the first draft of our pet robot comparison matrix. The matrix lists several related robots on the market and shows different features on the columns.

Mobility comes to mind immediately to be added, in the meantime the top three rows are immobile robots. Prices are approximate and in USD units. The “touch+” criterion means there is a motor in the robot that can feel a force applied through touch or gravity. For this we use our in-house Sensorimotor module. More on that soon. Be in touch with any questions or comments and more things to include.

Current table 2021-08-27

FurbyYNFurby @hasbro.comHasbro
AIST20 (eyes)100
NicoboCNNY300Nicobo announcementPanasonic80 (eyes, speech)100
QooboYNNY400QooboYukai Engineering100
MoflinCNNY400Moflin @kickstarterVanguard Industries100
MarscatCYNN700elephantrobotics.comElephant Robotics80 (eyes, cat-body)30
flatcatYYYN1000flatcatJetpack Cognition Lab070
BittleCYNN250Bittle @petoi.comPetoi
AiboNNNY2800Aibo US (not available for EU)Sony
CozmoPNNY220Anki /Cozmo @digitaldreamlabs.comDigital Dream Labs
MoxieYNNY1700Moxie @embodied.comEmbodied, Inc.
MiroY???Β£ 2450Buy MiroConsequential robotics??
PurrbleY???$ 50Buy PurrblePurrble??
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