The core of Team Jetpack in May 2020 is the founders Oswald Berthold (CEO) and Matthias Kubisch (CTO) plus Pablo Zöllner fresh in the game. We also closely collaborate with our product design partners Andreas Gerken and Jasper Mendel. Beyond this circle we converse with a sizeable bunch of specialist advisors in the back row for additional tech oomph & market wisdom.

Oswald Berthold Profile Pic

Oswald Berthold

Founding, finding, combining things.
Starting with music as a teenager Oswald has since been hacking and creating on art & technology. Got to earn farmersmanual fame around the turn of the millennium. Has since been growing his area of expertise in a range of fields like computer science and developmental robotics. If anything, integrator.

Twitter x7557xfarmersmanual, GitHub x75, Research, Angelist /u/oswald-berthold

Matthias Kubisch

Creating Robots.
Matthias is a computer scientist, specialized in closed-loop adaptive systems, real-time embedded hardware, and bio-inspired technology. He loves to build legged robots and self-learning systems. He cares much about nature and is trying to decrease entropy since forever.

Twitter qbernetik, GitHub ku3i

Pablo Zöllner

Make something people want.
Pablo was in the retail business for almost 15 years and was able to learn about direct application possibilities to support a successful company. He supports the team in the operational, admin and financial segments.

Twitter Pablo72332273