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“… It is the first time that a manual was exciting!” [Isabell]

Great respect for the manual, amazingly well explained.” [Andrea]

As a senior software person wanting to get into hardware, Bakiwi was just the perfect project.” [Peter]

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the jet pack

Enter team to find out more about the people working the lab and the store at the jetpack cognition lab.

Like all things that make a difference, jetpack is all about people too. People mean communication, and a lot of it. The number of peer-to-peer connections grows with the square number of nodes. With each person there also comes the place where everyone lives. This place is more than your street address, it includes your attitudes and preferences as well. Mindset, let’s say.

To communicate well means to know how to reach people and what to say to them. We are using maps like the one shown on the side to see where everyone is, how far away, talking to someone we know already? Seen from the outside the issue remains the same. How can someone out there in benefit of jetpack value quickly see and retrieve our message?

Explore the experience of customers, talent, and investors involved with jetpack.

Map explained – ⚠ Over detail risk ♾
What we often do is take two different maps and put one above the other to create a new map. In the picture the contour lines of commitment make up the green layer of squashed circles. The parabolic spoke wheels highlight the stakeholder landing strips of jetty regional space station.