๐Ÿ“– Jetpack story Mini

We have been making up, writing, and expounding our story over the months and years. Spontaneously, this seems to be a very short version of the bigger arc in very simple words.

for several big global problems (humane elderly care, regenerative agriculture, cleaning up the garbage planet) we need really cool robots that are cheap. for this they have to be able to learn properly. this is difficult but we (as a community) know how to do it. everything we do is for the plan to build cool self-learning robots that you really want to hang out with and that don't need help all the time :)
fรผr mehrere grosse globale probleme (humane altenpflege, regenerative landwirtschaft, mรผllplanet aufrรคumen) brauchen wir richtig coole roboter die billig sind. dafรผr mรผssen sie richtig gut lernen kรถnnen. das ist schwierig aber wir (als community) wissen wie es geht. alles was wir machen dient dem plan, coole selbstlernende roboter zu bauen, mit denen man auch wirklich abhรคngen mรถchte und die nicht andauernd selber hilfe brauchen :)
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