Your next robot is a pet

flatcat is a new robot for your home

Jetpack Cognition Lab, a Berlin-based AI and robotics startup, today announced flatcat, a new consumer robot, to be launched in March 2021. flatcat is a firm and fluffy AI pet for the living room, that responds to touch and gravity, and has a playful life of its own.

flatcat invites to experience a new dimension of touch and motion. Cuddle with it, have a gentle romp, or just watch it do weird things on its own, to caress your soul. The robot feels everything exactly with cognitive sensorimotor loops based on ten years of developmental robotics research. flatcat has no face, no app, no cloud, full privacy. It is built around a 3D printed skeleton and is powered by Jetpack Cognition Labβ€˜s own electrical motor design.

The new product will be available on Kickstarter and selected outlets beginning March 3, 2021. Visit for more information.


About Jetpack Cognition Lab
Established in 2019, Jetpack Cognition Lab is a Berlin-based AI and Robotics startup and innovation hub. Founded by Oswald Berthold and Matthias Kubisch, it specializes in science transfer and product research. The company’s bioinspired hardware and software design is built on the neuroscience and psychology of developmental learning.

Researchers find new KPI

Researchers find previously unknown Key Performance Indicator (KPI). This is the story of their discovery.

Observing a bit and reading some public domain texts, We define a new Key Performance Indicator (#kpi) the Jetpack Cognition Indicator (JCI, jizzy)

jizzy := headway / energy

headway: as in the urban / relationship definition. since the planet is spherical, finite surface and so on, cannot easily quit the relationship and need to build on headway.

energy: all the funds you are using to make the headway claim plus all other resources claimed in the meantime.

For transparency we do not withhold that we propose in our own favor.

Switching topic, Watch closely for our upcoming campaign and level Meet flatcat

Our mission

Our mission is to do everything we can to support current and upcoming generations with reusable tools and modular wisdom to grow and tend their futures at peace and prosperity.

Of course, we are beginning to learn a little in the behavioral sciences regarding how little we know about children and the educational processes. We had assumed the child to be an empty brain receptacle into which we could inject our methodically-gained wisdom until that child, too, became educated. In the light of modern behavioral science experiments that was not a good working assumption.

Operating manual for spaceship earth, R. Buckminster Fuller, 1969

Jetpack Cognition Lab 2020 Report

In 2020 Jetpack Cognition Lab, Inc. checked off these

1/ Created the German branch and became a legal German employer (look mom, no GmbH)

2/ Created 4 FTE and 2 student employments

3/ Launched our first product, Bakiwi – the fabulous DIY walking robot kit.

4/ Bakiwi is a hardware product manufactured at our lab in Berlin

5/ Bakiwi is an open source business model which is an explicit commitment to repairability and an extended value chain over the lifetime of our product

6/ Generated 100 international customers. those 100 is you, of course. thanks again for your great support and the incredible feedback. this is what keeps us going, let’s take it further.

7/ Manufactured and shipped 100 Baks getting data about quality in the field.

8/ Did our first crowdfunding campaign on @kickstarter which was funded successfully at 4K EUR and accounted for half of those 100 above

9/ To bracket, we entered 2020 on a ballistic path and managed to reconfigure to gliding. Now for distance and some power up

To keep going on a unique mission we need your support now and everywhere